Signal and image processing research

Signal and image processing research

Research on ultrasound signals and image processing keeps expanding and accelerating with recent breakthroughs, with great interest from  the academic community.

Be a part of it with TPAC’s future proof solutions.

Take the best from your data

TPAC solutions are ideal for research in signal processing applied to ultrasound, covering signal processing, image processing, beamforming, machine learning, etc.

We provide you with the essential tools to pioneer the next generation of ultrasonic testing (UT) techniques with a range of development tools for unparalleled testing flexibility:

It is all part of TPAC’s DNA.


With TPAC’s open platforms, you are able to freely set the ultrasonic sequences, record the raw data from your experiment, and test your own algorithms or method. In order to adapt to a wide variety of habits, TPAC proposes multiple APIs (Application Programming Interface) compatible with Matlab, C++, Python, C#, Labview and working under Windows or Linux operating systems. Through a socket, it is even possible to use any OS of your choice.

The variety and versatility, the modularity and scalability of the technology and portfolio that TPAC offers allows you to adjust the solution to your budget. Largely using GPU and high-speed data throughput digital links allows you to capitalize on your developments.

TPAC allows you to freely test and experiment: