TPAC supplies thrust for your project to take-off fast.

Propel your aviation inspection higher

It takes great skills to develop, operate and service, aircrafts, jet engines, and rockets.

TPAC aligns with the a industry in recognizing that technology serves as a powerful lever, empowering users, operators, and inspectors to guarantee the safety of travel for everyone.

It is the commitment to Quality that drives TPAC’s team to develop continuously cutting-edge UT technology. We elevate industry standards by pushing the limits, enhancing inspection speed, detection sensitivity, and application reliability. Addressing managers’ concerns, we also deliver cost-saving solutions.

TPAC team’s outstanding skill set includes great operational experience in the industry and allows us to address all areas of the business. This ranges from early development stages, to manufacturing, through to MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) and airworthiness inspections.

Customer Centric

Given the industry’s specific demands, TPAC customizes each solution thanks to a comprehensive approach. Physics, code development, UT controller, probes, mechanics are all combined to deliver the best performances, reliability, functionality, operability at the fair cost. 

Technology Readiness Level

TPAC offers engineering support together with advanced technology and hardware to complete fast and successful application development. This process starts with the physics of material elaboration and damaging, from very low maturity level to industrial demonstrator and first item inspected.

Sub industries of aeronautics and space industry

Standards and R&D

TPAC takes actions to study new technologies and participate in steering committees that promote these innovations

Airworthiness & deviation

Benefit from the latest innovation for fast containment situation and connection actions


Reduce aircraft downtime and inspection cycles with dedicated easy to apply solutions


Insprection of anisotropic and attenuative structures, complex materials and complex shaped parts

Elaboration, forging, machining

Support for statistical process controls and quality check solutions for manufacturing