Unique in NDT

Unique in NDT

Unique in NDT

Unique in NDT

Unique in NDT

Unique in NDT

Unique in NDT

You getting the right solution is our mission at TPAC, whether it is a standard or tailor-made solution, from the simplest to the most complex NDT Ultrasonic applications. You tell us what your challenges are, we will build the most adapted offer based on our unique offering: product portfolio, know-how expertise and the widest range of technologies. We are your specialist!

Matching your needs

Your needs are unique to your application.

It requires a deep understanding of testing technology to provide the right system for the right application within the right budget. Unlike many companies, we propose you our standard solutions only if they fulfill your needs. TPAC makes use of all its unique expertise and know-how to identify the most adapted solution to reach your goal. It is not just warrantying safety. It is also about confidence, versatility, high performance, understanding, user friendliness, peace of mind and therefore the ability to move forward quickly, lowering risks and for the LONG TERM!

This is why you can count on TPAC to build your solutions so that they are Unique, whether simple or highly Innovative.

Fit to needs

Budget matching




Bunch or scientific publications

Culture diversity beyond languages

Customer environments

Top experts, Physics, App

24/24 customer support worldwide

Where we are

TPAC is present all around the world.

We have established bases in North America, Europe & Asia where electronic, software and UT application developments are conducted. In all the countries where we are commercially active, directly or through selected partners, we ensure business development, logistic and support.