Corrosion Mapping

Corrosion mapping plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity and longevity of structures and assets across industries.

Corrosion mapping plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity and longevity of structures and assets across industries. It is essential for identifying and assessing the extent of corrosion damage in materials, ensuring early intervention and preventing catastrophic failures. TPAC’s deep knowledge of UT technology allows you to precisely scan materials and quickly obtain a comprehensive view of corrosion patterns, thickness measurements, and defect characterization. By choosing TPAC’s solutions for corrosion mapping, industries can proactively manage the effects of corrosion, extending the lifespan of assets, and ensuring safety with real-time assessment, minimizing downtime and costly repairs.

Corrosion can be everywhere …

Corrosion poses a significant challenge across diverse industries, resulting in substantial economic impacts and safety concerns. In the oil and gas sector, pipelines, storage tanks, and infrastructure face corrosion risks due to hydrocarbon corrosiveness, impurities, and electrochemical reactions. The Marine and Offshore Industry grapples with accelerated corrosion threats from saltwater exposure. Power plants, fossil fuel, and nuclear facilities contend with elevated temperatures, humidity, and potentially corrosive byproducts. Aerospace components face corrosive environments, including high altitudes, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. Infrastructure assets like bridges and highways are exposed to environmental elements and de-icing agents in construction.

The range of industries affected is extensive!

Our solution for corrosion mapping?

TPAC provides a complete solution to best assess the potential corrosion without causing damage to the materials or structures you need to inspect.
Pair the Explorer device that best suits your needs with our software designed for corrosion mapping, Concerto! And you are all set!

The Explorer for Corrosion Mapping

With its compact form factor, IP65 or IP68 rating and easy mounting capability, the Explorer is perfect for integration in your inspection systems

Solving your corrosion mapping challenge requires flexible solutions, whether you are performing a manual inspection of a complex dissimilar corrosion profile, or using a scanner or a robot with automation, the Explorer’s cutting edge technology is suitable for any environment or setting.

Implementing effective corrosion management not only helps you prevent catastrophic failures but also extends the lifespan of assets, reduces downtime and saves costs in the long run.


Concerto is Wall-thickness multi-technology software.

Multi-channels, Phased Array, PWI, and even Adaptive PWI provide the ability to adapt to any situation.

Speed up to 500 mm/s with up to 1 m width inspection at once is unmatched so far on the market. The ability to post-proce all Ascan/Volume permits the best analysis securing the validity of the acquisition.

Corrosion as well as Composite inspection benefit the most from this user-friendly solution.

Our software designed for corrosion mapping :