Optimize your rails, railways, and rolling stock inspection process with TPAC.

We are riding all tracks

The rail industry, vast and interconnected globally, navigates a web of standards dictated by geographic location and the nature of the part to be inspected (wheel, solid axle, hollow axle and track). Factors such as freight or passengers, train load, speed, and torque distribution induce different issues that must be addressed in specific ways.

TPAC is familiar with the different standards, and has developed solutions accordingly.  Our solutions are not just tailored to current needs; they anticipate and accommodate the evolving demands of the future. 

For Solid axles, hollow axles, and wheels, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, ranging from conventional multi-channel UT to advanced phased array technologies.

The fusion of a compact form factor, high performance (including rapid inspection capabilities), and a highly skilled team ensures that your specific needs are not only met but exceeded.

Moreover, we provide alternative techniques to achieve even increased inspection speeds, provide immunity from various noises (EMI, structure, surface) and complex geometries, as well as ensure the reliability and precision of the inspection. These advanced approaches redefine wheel and solid axle inspections, rendering them seamless, swift, and free from complications.

At TPAC, we don’t just ride the tracks; we master them. Our alternative techniques guarantee not only speed but also resilience against various disturbances and precise inspections. Experience inspections that are not just efficient but also redefine industry standards.

Customer Centric

Given the industry’s specific demands, TPAC customizes each solution thanks to a comprehensive approach. Physics, code development, UT controller, probes, mechanics are all combined to deliver the best performances, reliability, functionality, operability at the fair cost. 

Technology Readiness Level

TPAC offers engineering support together with advanced technology and hardware to complete fast and successful application development. This process starts with the physics of material elaboration and damaging, from very low maturity level to industrial demonstrator and first item inspected.

Sub industries of railways

Solid axles

Rails, Railways and Rolling Stock


Rails, Railways and Rolling Stock