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In today’s fast-changing industries, automation and industrialization processes are becoming more important for many different reasons. With our history and experience, TPAC is here to support you in this transition.

The trajectory towards automation and robotization is an anticipated paradigm shift in various industrial processes, and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is no exception. This transition promises multifaceted benefits, encompassing cost reduction in inspections, heightened inspection efficiency, enhanced safety protocols, and, crucially, data reliability.

Many forms of optimization can be achieved with the power of TPAC’s solutions, from the simplest scanner to the most complex fully autonomous robots:

Automated scanning systems, equipped with ultrasonic sensors, are designed to move along the surface of a structure or component, ensuring comprehensive coverage. These systems can be programmed to follow specific scanning patterns, allowing for consistent and repeatable inspections.

Robotics Integration

Robots are integrated with ultrasonic testing equipment to perform inspections in challenging or hazardous environments. These robots can navigate complex geometries, confined spaces, or areas with potential safety risks, providing a safer alternative to manual inspections.

Autonomous Inspection

Fully autonomous robotic systems are capable of not only scanning but also analyzing and interpreting data in real-time. These systems can make decisions based on predefined criteria, streamlining the inspection process and reducing the need for human intervention.

Customized Solutions

Automation and robotization in ultrasonic testing can be customized to fit specific inspection requirements. Whether it’s a simple scanner for routine inspections or a sophisticated autonomous robot for complex scenarios, companies can tailor solutions to their unique needs.

Sub industries of aeronautics and space industry

TPAC’s expert team has extensive experience in system integration and automation of ultrasonic solutions, solving customer problems and improving their inspection processes.
Our wide range of tools will ensure your success in any configuration.

Exploring the sub-industries within robotics opens new dimensions of possibilities. From collaborative robots (cobots) enhancing human-robot partnerships to aerial and underwater robotics expanding the reach of automation, each sub-industry presents unique opportunities for innovation and efficiency. TPAC’s expertise extends to these sub-domains, positioning us as your holistic partner in the ever-evolving landscape of industrial robotics.


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