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At TPAC, we not only provide you with the best in class ultrasonic equipment available on the market, we are also dedicated to bringing you the right tools to develop tomorrow advanced UT inspection process, whether you are a researcher in an academic or industrial laboratory.

Research in the field of ultrasonic testing  keeps expanding and accelerating with recent breakthroughs. Challenges are everywhere: the automation of ultrasonic NDT systems, the development of advanced phased array and guided wave algorithms, the need for high temperature NDT for power plants and aerospace applications, not to mention, one of our favorites: miniaturization equipment (developing the smallest equipment for seamless integration, field inspections and remote locations. 

To empower your research and development endeavors with cutting-edge ultrasound solutions we developed equipment and algorithms to see what was unseeable before. Our Network talk for us.

3D 1024-Channel Ultrasonic Medical Imaging

From an Academic Research System to a Clinical Research System – Image4US

In 2020 Creatis (one of the leading European research laboratories in Image processing for medical application) and TPAC started a collaboration in the form of a common laboratory. The goal? Develop the research system of the future in 3D ultrasonic medical imaging with a large number of channels (1024). This system could revolutionize all ultrasound imaging researchers.

Indeed, at the moment, 2D ultrasound is common in hospitals, 3D ultrasound has been slower to establish itself in clinical practice. The researchers in the Ultrasound Imaging team have strong expertise in 3D ultrasound imaging and blood flow estimation (also referred to as Doppler imaging).

Their research is focused on developing the following:


TPAC’s top-of-the-line ultrasound solutions are equipped with advanced features, innovative tools, and user-friendly software, including API and fully open formats for research and development.

With a wide range of hardware configurations, TPAC facilitates lab tests for diverse applications like technology development, method evaluation, procedure testing, material characterization, and beamforming research. Leveraging your expertise in R&D applications with TPAC. Our hardware includes fully opened platform, AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator) unique bandwidth , giving you freedom for testing.

Our software line allows to customize the shape of the emitted signal and the probe shape. It also include a wide choice of image reconstruction algorithms such as TFM, PWI, CWI, DWI, Adaptive TFM … and much more.

Largest database of UT
imaging Algorithms

Full control
Hardware & software

Unlimited probe shape

Remove application limits.

The seamless integration of our Research and Development solutions with our standard product portfolio ensures minimal effort and quick industrial deployment.

We are the only UT supplier to offer today such a range of development tools.

We are committed to supplying the right tools for the future’s challenges.