Oil and Gas

TPAC is the engine for your petrochemical inspections.

Preventing failure is paramount for safeguarding safety

The right tools for any ut applications

The needs of the Oil and Gas industry are extensive, and TPAC offers a range of advantages providing accurate, non-destructive inspection of equipment, pipelines, and other critical components, helping you to ensure the security, quality, and regulatory compliance of your materials.

High sensitivity

TPAC systems allow you to identify potential weak points in pipelines, pressure vessels, and other equipment that could lead to catastrophic failure. Our technology allows you to detect flaws at early stages of development and  provide timely maintenance and repair, reducing the risk of equipment failure.

Accurate Sizing and Positioning

Our software development team provides the data acquisition and analysis software to get the most accurate data that engineers and inspectors need to assess the severity of defects and make informed decisions regarding repair or replacement.

Our advanced imaging techniques can be used for real-time monitoring of materials and structures, allowing for continuous assessment of their condition. This is especially beneficial for critical assets in the oil and gas sector, where continuous operation is essential.

Compliance with Standards

Many regulatory bodies and industry standards require the use of non-destructive testing methods, including ultrasonic testing, to ensure the safety and reliability of oil and gas infrastructure. Compliance with these standards is crucial for maintaining the industry’s reputation and preventing accidents. TPAC leads the NDT industry in the development of cutting-edge Ultrasonic Testing inspection techniques

Our ultra-compact and powerful acquisition systems are the perfect tool for high resolution weld inspection, corrosion mapping, HTHA detection, and more! Whether multi-channel conventional, phased array, or FMC/TFM, TPAC has the technology you can trust.

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