About us – TPAC: The Phased Array Company

What do we do?

TPAC specializes in ultrasonic non-destructive testing, designing systems for diverse industrial sectors to assess product and asset integrity. From aerospace and metallurgy to nuclear, automotive, and railway industries, TPAC operates in sensitive sectors where even the slightest crack or trace of corrosion can have dramatic consequences.

TPAC develops ultrasonic testing devices and software for inspection during manufacturing and  maintenance—a process similar to medical ultrasound but applied to the industrial field.

TPAC manufactures its portfolio in-house prioritizing compactness, high performance, versatility, and modularity. This range of solutions can be tailored to suit individual client needs, whether for manual inspection or seamless integration with robotic systems. The company’s engineers combine and modify components and software to create bespoke tools perfectly suited to specific projects and requirements.

Over the past 25 years, the company has earned the trust of clients such as Airbus, Siemens, Boeing, Toyota, EDF, as well as research institutions like CNRS.

What makes us stand out?

We are Unique because of:

Our passion

Understanding your inspection challenges! We prioritize analyzing your application in depth, complex or straightforward, to provide the best solution.

Our wide portfolio

Our range of technologies allows us to precisely match your inspection challenges, offering tailored solutions instead of pushing predefined products.

Our customer centered approach

Our passion for providing the best answer and our range of offerings allow us to build long-term partnerships with our customers at an optimized price. 'Only pay for what you need’ is the best way to put it.

Innovative Spirit

Our innovation is powered by a team that goes beyond just PhDs and engineers. We have individuals with diverse expertise in NDT Applications, Physics, Electronics, Design, Firmware, and Software, all sharing a common vision. Together, we drive innovation in NDT.

Our core technologies are conventional UT, multi-channel, Phased array and FMC/TFM family. We have further enhanced these with unique and numerous features. Continuously evolving, we strive to remain the most efficient in providing you with a wide range of options, from FMC/TFM to PWI, PCI, AWG, and more!

Actively engaged in research and development, the company regularly publishes white papers in specialized international journals. Fueled by an innovative spirit, TPAC evolves in harmony with technological advancements and clients’ projects.

Where are we now and
how do we work?

Our roots lie in collaborative teamwork, developing user-friendly products, both conventional technologies, and cutting-edge innovations in electronics and software for non-destructive testing applications.

Our team of 65 (and counting!) engineers prefers an organic and neuronal and operational structure, devoid of established hierarchy, promoting collective thinking in service of responsiveness.

With a strong presence in North America, Europe, and Asia, we prioritize proximity to customers for better cultural understanding and superior customer service. We operate in close collaboration with clients, adapting to their specific needs and upholding confidentiality. We do not advertise or communicate on projects without the explicit agreement of the client.

A powerful NDT partners’ network

We have built long-term partnerships at the highest levels with organizations such as ISO, ASME, ASNT, DGZfP, JSNDI, BINDT, COFREND and more. Our industrial partners, including those in probe manufacturing, mechanics, integration, software, and Eddy Current, are essential to our success. Notably, our collaboration with Advanced OEM Solutions (AOS) focuses on electronics bare boards for ultrasound NDT.