An easy to learn, comprehensive and extremely fast software dedicated to thickness and corrosion mapping, using conventional multi-channel or phased array.

Thickness measurement and corrosion mapping software

Concerto is a UT data acquisition and analysis software designed specifically for wall thickness measurement and corrosion mapping using either conventional multi-channel or phased array. Considering the tough field conditions that operators deal with, Concerto makes it easy, featuring an interface with no menu, less than 18 icons, and only a few controls, so that operators can work with an intuitive interface and not be bothered by complex GUIs.

Concerto’s ease of use is coupled with extensive features; corrosion mapping with interface echo tracking, coating layers (a great addition for corrosion applications!), adjustable gates in analysis (acquisition remains valid when initial gate settings are not correct), configurable views & color palettes, as well as simple but effective analysis tools.

Concerto is a perfect companion for the Explorer and your automated scanner for rapid and first-class corrosion mapping results at an affordable price.

Corrosion mapping has never been easier, even for dissimilar corrosion.

The Pilot Plus stands as an unparalleled solution

Perfect for industrial applications From aeronautics, navigating composite and honeycomb structures, to in-line applications and TOFD, the Pilot Plus stands as an unparalleled solution.


– Advanced Imaging Techniques
– Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Testing
– Multi-channel
– Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing


– Weld Inspection
– Corrosion Mapping 
– Field Inspection
– Composite Inspection
– Robot integration


Compact and powerful, this 8-channel full parallel, or up to 64 multiplexed, unit pushes the boundaries of the UT benchmark:


Enhance your testing capabilities with our range of cutting-edge ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions.

Explorer 64 V4-left


Super compact Phased Array, FMC&PWI
1-Pilot . LEFT


Full parallel and multiplexed Ultra Compact & High Speed


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