Ensure the structural integrity of your engine blocks, cylinder heads, welds and more.

Proven and new technologies for automotive applications

Quality and Safety

Whether applied for quality assurance or safety purposes, ultrasonic testing is used in a broad range of applications in the Automotive Industry. From inspecting semi-finished tubes or bars post-rolling to testing engine blocks, bearings, or shafts in immersion tanks, examining spot welds, conducting airbag canister tests, or scrutinizing high-end composite parts for racing cars; those are examples of perfect use cases for TPAC technologies.


TPAC’s portfolio covers the full range of Ultrasound Testing electronics you need for your applications.

This includes Ultra-compact multi-channel electronics (PILOT) for applications which require conventional probes, Phased Array electronics (EXPLORER) when higher productivity or multi-angle inspection is needed, FMC/TFM (EXPLORER or PIONEER) for super-fast inspection, or for control of complex shapes…the odds are that you will find what you need in our product range to save your added value.

Solutions for integrators

TPAC developed its solutions with integrators in mind. Small form factor and integrability are two of the key features of TPAC’s electronics to make the integration of your testing systems easier. Simplifying software integration, you can use TPAC’s software or opt for a streamlined API to develop your own software applications. The added value is not limited to the supply of hardware and software solutions. For integrators with less experience in application development, or manufacturers needing to solve specific inspection challenges, TPAC offers support for feasibility tests, probe design, inspection technique development, software development and more…