The most fully featured FMC/TFM software on the market

The most fully featured FMC/TFM software on the market

ARIA is an open format software for R&D, academia, and laboratory applications. Nevertheless, all users can benefit from ARIA regardless of its deployment.

Dedicated to ultrasonic imaging, ARIA offers a powerful software suite, for exploration of all the TFM-based reconstruction technologies such as SAFT, TFM, and more advanced imaging techniques such as PWI, CWI, DWI, XWI and, in addition, adaptive (complex geometries), nonlinear acoustics, and much more.

Apply extensive post-processing to analyze and manage your results. Although it is full of features and various processing tools, it is optimized in speed (optimized for GPU and therefore future-proof)

Enjoy a comprehensive user-friendly configuration panel, which is also a powerful inspection tool. Complete with setup, acquisition, and analysis modules, ARIA allows the user to use any TPAC scanning device. Acquire, manipulate, and analyze data in high resolution while using the most comprehensive and advanced image reconstruction technology available. All UT probe configurations are possible, including flat, curved, matrix, pitch and catch matrix, and custom. Also includes Adaptive FMC/TFM for easy inspection of components with complex geometries.

Great compatibility

ARIA is compatible with third-party software “CIVA Analysis” (by CEA, Extende). All data acquired by ARIA can be directly exported to CIVA for a more advanced analysis. It is also available with HDF5 and MATLAB formats.


– Advanced Imaging Techniques
– Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Testing
– Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing


– Weld Inspection
– Corrosion Mapping 
– Field Inspection
– Composite Inspection
– Robot integration
– Research


Compact and powerful, this 8-channel full parallel, or up to 64 multiplexed, unit pushes the boundaries of the UT benchmark:


Enhance your testing capabilities with our range of cutting-edge ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions.



All in One – Multi-Technologies – Super High-Speed, Perfect for R&D
Explorer 64 V4-left


Super compact Phased Array, FMC&PWI


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