An advanced accessory designed to minimize the noise of ultrasonic signals

Enhance Your Inspection Setup with TPAC's Adaptors and Connectors

Pre-amplifiers are crucial in ultrasonic testing for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) due to their role in enhancing the sensitivity of the ultrasonic system.

By minimizing electrical noise, pre-amplifiers ensure that the weak signals generated by the ultrasonic waves are accurately detected and amplified.

This heightened sensitivity allows for the detection of smaller or deeper-seated flaws within materials. In NDT applications, especially those involving critical structures, the use of pre-amplifiers contributes to higher signal-to-noise ratios, enabling inspectors to identify and characterize defects with greater precision and confidence.

Improve the overall reliability and effectiveness of the inspection process with TPAC’s pre-amplifiers.



Key Features


Enhance your testing capabilities with our range of cutting-edge ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions.

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Adaptors and connectors

Standard or customized accessories For ideal inspection setup
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A wide range of Phased Array probes, in various configuration for optimal signal transmission


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