Adaptors and connectors

Standard or customized accessories to design the ideal setup for your inspection

Enhance Your Inspection Setup with TPAC's Adaptors and Connectors

TPAC provides a diverse selection of adaptors and connectors, available in standard or customized options, to assist you in crafting the optimal setup for your inspection needs. Whether you utilize IPEX, ITT Cannon, Hypertronics, or Mono-Channel connectors, our comprehensive range ensures that you can design your setup seamlessly.

Contact us to explore our range of module solutions, which include splitters and multiplexers featuring the connectors tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Our experienced design team is ready to find you the best adaptorsor connector or create custom solutions to your needs.

Share your project with us, and let’s achieve exceptional results together!

The Pilot Plus stands as an unparalleled solution


– Multi-channel
– Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing


– Weld Inspection
– Corrosion Mapping 
– Metallic Inspection
– Composite Inspection
– Inline Inspection
– Robot integration
– Research



Oil & gas





Aeronautics &
space industry



Accumulate a variety of electronic devices, probes, and accessories over the years? Depending on your case study, TPAC offers a broad array of adaptors to facilitate the seamless integration of electronics with probes. Our catalogue includes:

  • IPEX to Hypertronics
  • IPEX to ITT Cannon
  • IPEX to SMB connectors

If needed, we also provide customized adaptors to perfectly align with your project.


For situations where a single connector output isn’t sufficient, especially in ultrasonic testing applications like weld inspection or through transmission inspection, TPAC offers standard splitters with the probe connectors you require. Examples include:

  • 64 elements to 2x 32 elements splitters with
    • IPEX to 2x Hypertronics
    • IPEX to 2x ITT Cannon
  • 128 elements to 2x 64 elements splitters with
    • IPEX to 2x Hypertronics
    • IPEX to 2x ITT Cannon
  • And more…

Feel free to contact our team to find a solution to your needs.

Switches controlled through PLC

If you have applications using multiple probes and you need to switch from one probe to another without upgrading your electronic device, TPAC offers a range of switches.
From our catalog, you can find:

  • 32 to 2x 32
  • 64 to 2x 64
  • And more

Customized solution

If your need is too specific and you cannot find a solution in our portfolio, TPAC is here to help! Our team will collaborate with you to design your customized solution and allow you to perform your inspection.


Merger Box

Splitter Box


Customized solutions


Enhance your testing capabilities with our range of cutting-edge ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions.


Inputs & Outputs Management

To manage input and output signals interfacing with TPAC devices
Principale_5MHz Adaptive_2


A wide range of Phased Array probes, in various configuration for optimal signal transmission


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