Inputs & Outputs Management

Ensure seamless management of signal interfacing with TPAC devices

Make your device communicative

Effective inputs and outputs management in ultrasonic testing is fundamental for achieving accurate, reliable, and consistent results.

It contributes to the quality of the testing process, ensures compliance with standards, and facilitates informed decision-making regarding the structural integrity of materials and components.

Ultimately, the careful management of inputs and outputs is fundamental for making informed decisions about the structural integrity of materials and components undergoing non-destructive testing.

We offer 2 types: Cable and Box. We will guide you in selecting the best one for your specific application.


Our systems are delivered with programmable I/O:

We offer 2 types of I/O accessories:

I/O Cable

Extremely compact (embedded inside the cable), you can connect any TPAC equipment with your devices.

I/O Box

Still very compact, this offers all possible interface features between TPAC equipment and your devices.



Enhance your testing capabilities with our range of cutting-edge ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions.

Splitter Box

Adaptors and connectors

Standard or customized accessories For ideal inspection setup
Principale_5MHz Adaptive_2


A wide range of Phased Array probes, in various configuration for optimal signal transmission


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