Low Noise Pre-amplifier

The Preamplifier is a high-performance accessory for the low-noise amplification of ultrasonic signals. Designed for signals ranging from 0.5 to 300 MHz, TPAC’s small and lightweight, yet rugged, unit is ideal for TOFD, P&C, TT, or AUT inspection.

Key features

Provides ultra-low noise amplification of ultrasonic signals.
From 0.5 to 300 MHz


Gain:29 dB
Bandwidth:0.5 MHz to 300 MHz
Noise Figure:<3 dB
Input and Output Impedance:50 ohms
Protection Against Transmit Pulse:None
Power Supply:15 V
Connectors:SMA or BNC
Operating Temperature:-20° C to 70° C;-4° F to 158° F
Dimensions (mm):Weight:31.75 mm x 31.75 mm x 19 mm38 grams
Dimensions (in):Weight:1.25” x 1.25” x .75”.083 lbs