Inputs & Outputs Management

To manage input and output signals interfacing with TPAC devices, we have designed several solutions (for encoders, Trig Set, Synchronization, single ended, differentials, …).

Make your device communicative

Our systems are delivered with programmable I/O:

  • Encoder
  • Trig set
  • Sequence Trig
  • Synchronization
  • Single ended
  • Differentials

We offer 2 types of I/O accessories:

I/O Cable

Extremely compact (embedded inside the cable), you can connect any TPAC equipment with your devices.

I/O Box

Still very compact, this offers all possible interface features between TPAC equipment and your devices.


I/O BoxI/O Cable
DimensionsBox : 95x60x30 mm
3.7×2.4×1.2 in Cable: 1m long
3.6 ft long
800mm long
2,6 ft long
WeightBox: 140gBox & Cable: 200g150g
Output connectorSUB-D15SUB-D15