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The rail industry, although large and global, has various standards in accordance with the geographic location and the nature of the part to be inspected (wheel, solid axle, hollow axle and track). Factors such as freight or passengers, train load, speed, and torque distribution induce different issues that must be addressed in their specific ways.

TPAC is familiar with the various standards, and has developed solutions accordingly, with lots of room for answering more stringent criteria in the future.

For Solid axles, hollow axles, and wheels, conventional multi-channel UT, phased array and advanced phased array solutions are available to cover all configurations. In addition, the ability of TPAC to provide customization is key to adapt to your particular needs and requests. Small form factor, high performance (including high speed) are accompanied by a very experienced team who will support you.

In addition, we provide alternative techniques to achieve even increased inspection speeds, provide immunity from various noises (EMI, structure, surface) and complex geometries, as well as ensure the reliability and precision of the inspection. With these approaches, wheel inspections become simple, fast, and without issue, as well as for solid axles.