An easy to learn, comprehensive and extremely fast software dedicated to thickness and corrosion mapping, using conventional multi-channel or phased array.

Thickness and corrosion mapping software

Concerto is a UT data acquisition and analysis software designed specifically for wall thickness measurement and corrosion mapping using either conventional multi-channel or phased array. Considering the tough field conditions that operators deal with, Concerto makes it easy, featuring an interface with no menu, less than 18 icons, and only a few controls, so that operators can work easily and not be bothered by complex GUIs.

TPAC Tube Inspection

Concerto’s ease of use is coupled with extensive features; corrosion mapping with interface echo tracking, coating layers (a great addition for corrosion applications!), adjustable gates in analysis (acquisition remains valid when initial gate settings are not correct), configurable views & color palettes, as well as simple but effective analysis tools. Concerto is a perfect companion for the Explorer hardware and your automated scanner for rapid and first-class corrosion mapping results at an affordable price.

Corrosion mapping has never been easier!