Research perfomed by universities demands fully open, versatile and high performance ultrasound platefroms.

Increase research possibilities

Ideal for academic research in ultrasound, TPAC proposes open and flexible solutions for studies, experiments, technology deployment, etc… Thanks to TPAC’s fully open platforms, you will be able to freely set the ultrasonic sequences, record the raw data from your experiment and test your methods.

To adapt to a wide variety of academia, TPAC proposes various APIs (Application Programming Interface) compatible with Matlab, Python, Labview, C++, C# and working natively under Windows or Linux, or through sockets under any operating systems.

TPAC solutions are also ideal for education. They can be used by students in practical studies for understanding key concepts of ultrasound and progressing to the most advanced technologies.

The numerous configurations and the modular aspect of TPAC portfolio allows you to have a matching solution for any budget.

Moreover, TPAC offers perfect solutions for collaboration between academia and industry.