Prelude: Phased Array Acquisition and Analysis Software

Raster scan acquisition in immersion tank
Welding manual encoded acquisition
Manual inspection with matrix probe and wedge
Acquisition with custom probe

Prelude is a powerful and flexible software package.  At TPAC, we understand our customers have a heavy investment in scanning equipment.  With this in mind, we have developed a software suite that is adaptable and complimentary to your existing devices.

With a comprehensive setup wizard, the user is able to define and manage the examination parameters efficiently.  The wizard allows for extensive probe possibilities (linear, matrix and custom configurations), as well as scan and focusing configurations.  Component geometry is also accounted for within the wizard including onboard curvature correction.
Set up and Acquisition within the Prelude wizard is a sensible and meaningful workflow that allows the user to concentrate on the examination, and not struggling to set one up.

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Video: Prelude Software Demonstration
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