A bridge to the future

TPAC is not only looking at providing you with the best in class ultrasonic equipment available on the market today, we are also dedicated to bring you the right tools for you to develop tomorrow advanced UT inspection process, wherever you are a researcher in an academic or industrial laboratory.
And for us to succeed in our goal, we developed internally equipment and algorithms requested to see what was unseeable before. Our Network talk for us.


TPAC is the only UT supplier to offer today such a range of development tools.
Our hardware with our fully opened platform, our AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator) or our unique bandwidth for example is giving you freedom for testing.
And our Software includes probe modelling tools to shape Array sensor to your needs, the largest variety of algorithm for data reconstruction such as TFM, PWI, CWI, DWI, aTFM, … and so much more.

Largest database of UT imaging Algorithms

Full control
Hardware & software

Unlimited probe shape definition

Remove application limits