TPAC: The Phased Array Company

What makes us different ?

We are Unique because:

  • we are with you to answer your specific needs and requests instead of pushing you to a specific product.
  • we offer standard solutions when it fulfills your needs, but we are also excel at customized solutions.
  • our large portfolio and wide spectrum of technologies allows us to exactly match your NDT challenges at the right cost.

Our passion is to understand your application whether it is complex or not, whether the constraints are technical or not, and make use of our know-how and expertise to find the right way to provide you with the best answers. Our portfolio and range of solutions are built around Compactness, High performance, Versatility and Modularity and with an “only pay for what you need!” approach that altogether makes the difference. This uniqueness is also built on an Innovative spirit. Innovative because our team, more than PhD’s and engineers, is made up of committed people sharing the same vision, covering large fields of expertise (NDT Applications, Physics, Electronics, Design, Firmware, Software) all applied to NDT.

Where we come from

For many years, the team has been working together in a synergistic mode to come up with easy-to-use products, conventional technologies, as well as the most advanced innovations in terms of electronics and software for non-destructive testing applications.

Our common technologies are Conventional multi-channel, Phased array and FMC/TFM family. We have further developed these with unique and numerous features. Ultra-Fast TFM is also available. We continuously keep developing to stay the most efficient in providing you all possible options.

Where we are and how we work

TPAC is based in North America, Europe and Asia to be as close as possible to its customers for better understanding (culture before language) and customer service.

We work everywhere in close cooperation with our customers, acknowledging their specificity and adapting to your needs and your way of working. We take confidentiality very seriously and do not advertise or communicate on projects without the explicit agreement of the client.

Also, TPAC has built a powerful partners’ network:

  • we are collaborating at the highest level with ISO, ASME, ASNT, DGZfP, JSNDI, BINDT, COFREND.
  • our industrial partners also represent a key stone of our enterprise, whether it concerns probe, mechanics, integrators, software, and also Eddy Current. One of them is Advanced OEM Solutions (AOS), dedicated to electronics bare boards for ultrasound NDT.