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Ultrasonic Testing for Metals and Manufacturing Industry

Solutions for Integrators and Metal producers

Solutions for integrators and metal producers

Whether you are an Integrator of Ultrasound Testing machines or a Metal producer, TPAC can help you create value through a combination of broad hardware portfolio, a focus on integrability and a team of experts with a long experience in the development of Testing Machines to help you define and implement the solution you need.

Broad hardware portfolio: whether you need multi-channel conventional UT, conventional UT with broad dynamic range, Phased Array and High-speed TFM, TPAC has it.

Focus on integrability, to make your life easier: small form factor of electronics, open-platform for software development, stackable electronics for applications requiring a high number of probes and channels. Tailor -made support whether you need to define a custom probe, define a new application method, upgrade an existing system, step up from one technology to another (conventional UT to Phased Array or Phased Array to TFM), develop your own software,…