Your ultrasonic solution

To us, each partner is unique so we have developed a high level of competences in customizing solutions to answer your ultrasonic NDT requests at best.

Adjusted ultrasonic testing

For many reasons (related to the application, the acceptance criteria or even codes to be followed), few NDT inspections are exactly similar. TPAC’s competencies have grown over decades around the unique capability to adapt its portfolio to our customer’s specific needs, and to offer adapted solutions to fit any circumstance.
Some of these solutions can be used for a large range of applications (weld inspection for example) and some others, such as our Voyager, can very easily be adapted according to your exact needs. Whenever you are looking for conventional UT, phased array or FMC/TFM solutions, TPAC’s team can support you by relying on a large portfolio to design your products to suit the project.

With years of customized solution development, we might even have something very close to what you are looking for, if not the perfect solution already. Custom solution does not mean exclusive, neither regarding budget or lead time.

The right tool for your application

Easy to use software

Targeted to your application

Cost efficiency

Your unique, ready-to-use, inspection system

One of the latest examples of TPAC’s custom solutions is our Voyager, an all-integrated solution for versatile mobile ultrasonic applications.

It allows you to get the technology you need in a most comprehensive way: conventional, multi-channels, phased array, FMC/TFM, PWI, or even more advanced solutions that will meet your field operational needs, no more, no less.

When looking at a solution, software should not be neglected. TPAC also offers custom software solution oriented towards your specific needs. Using our SDK and development toolboxes, we have created software solutions for many different applications (automated inspection, welds, corrosion).

Now, with our new Rapid Application Development platform (RAD), we have also successfully developed specific applications to simplify processes and improve efficiency. From the simplest application with direct I/O management to complex image processing, we have the solution.

You can benefit from its versatility, as well as its specificity, to get the most out of your inspection kit, all while saving on costs.

You already see the benefits of your own Voyager, want to know more about this solution and see where it can help you?
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RAD concept
You are looking at an Ultrasonic software that gives you the results you are looking for, the easiest way.
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