Your ready to ship & use companion in the most challenging field inspections

Ultimate All-In-One / Ready-to-ship UT Solution

Cost savings in field operation lie in saving time. You will find in our Voyager product line the perfect match between your inspection needs and our inspection tools, whether it is based on horsepower of the equipment, the efficiency of the software in avoiding unnecessary features, and no longer any need to pack and unpack; Voyager is all-in-one, ready to use, and ready to ship!

The Voyager product line allows you to get the technology you need in the most comprehensive way: single element, multi-channels, phased array, TFM/ PWI or even more advanced solutions that will meet your field inspection needs; no more, no less. You can benefit from Voyager’s versatility, as well as its specificity, to get the most out of the equipment while saving your costs and increasing your revenues.

Your ready to ship, ready to use companion

The Voyager Kit

The Voyager kit is the ultimate all-in-one, ready to ship, airtight solution for industrial applications. So easy to bring on site, this solution is embedded in the carrying case itself: the equipment, the computer, the batteries for up to 10 hours, and even a large space to organize your probes, gel, and scanner. To ensure a fully autonomous workday, the whole system is powered by batteries. The probes can stay connected when the system is closed. No risk to forget the essentials!

Perfect for Industrial Applications

  • Oil & Gas
  • Rail
  • Aerospace maintenance
  • Wind power
  • Power generation
  • Nuclear