Top of the line stand-alone instrument for industry- AND labs

The Pioneer line comprises phased array, TFM and advanced TFM solutions, meeting the requirements of your most demanding needs. The Pioneer includes:

  • Extensive hardware possibilities: large channel counts, ultra-high speed (a few GB/s), flexible and scalable multi-technologies (in a Pioneer, you can get inclusive Phased Array, FMC/TFM, and single element probe multi-channels).
  • Extensive software possibilities: Standard as well as custom software for your specific application, using the technology that provides the best answers to your needs.
  • Fully open platform available for developers

Pioneer is designed to perform with any UT technology. Whether you responsible for a manufacturing process, a researcher, or developing an application, Pioneer provides cutting edge advanced technology for any setting.

Useful data throughput from 100 MB/s up to several GB/s.


The Pioneer line offers extensive possibilities for industries, application/R&D labs, and academia:

  • Industrial applications (In-Line, G/NG, ultra-fast, …)
  • Research on imaging techniques
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas
  • Concrete inspection
  • Material characterization
  • Non-linear acoustics
  • Guided waves
  • Air-coupled ultrasound

Unmatched Technical Versatility

  • Phased Array: linear, sectorial, parallel, DDF and zone focusing
  • Channel counts: from 16 up to 1024 parallel channels
  • Scanning / multiplexing from 16 to 128 ch or from 64 to 256. (Multiplexed ratio 1:2 up to 1:8)
  • General purpose advanced TFM end-user software ARIA
  • Real time adaptive techniques on complex shapes
  • New techniques such as nonlinear acoustics or Arbitrary Waveform Emission
  • Standard SDK with example source code (C++, C#, MATLAB, LabVIEW, etc)
  • High-level API with full FMC/TFM techniques, such as a multi-mode APWI and PWI to speed up your acquisition on complex shapes
  • TFM Toolbox (low-level TFM API Library, various algorithms and combinations)

Key Features

Ultra High Data Throughput:From 100 MB/s up to several GB/s (according to the model and chosen options)
Extremely High Bandwidth:From 50 kHz to 20 MHz (15 kHz possible in option)
Gain Range Dynamic:16~110 dB (14 bits digitizing)
High PRF:20 kHz (more in option)
Input/output:Up to 4 Encoders /pulse trig/sequence trig …
Probe type:Linear, matrix, DLA, DMA, annular, daisy, matrix, P&C matrix and custom PA probes
Extensive TFM Techniques:SAFT, TFM, Advanced TFM (PWI, XWI, DWI, CWI), Adaptive, multiple and simultaneous mode (L, LL, LLL, T, TT, TTT) 
Arbitrary Waveform Generation option:High Dynamic and high bandwidth


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