Engineering support

TPAC’s specialists can support you in designing your next ultrasonic inspection, from feasibility study to deployment, from probe to the complete application development.

Our engineering team

A Technology story

Since its creation, TPAC has always been focused on technology and trying to push boundaries further. To ensure our success, people from all the required fields gathered around the same project: how to improve ultrasonic inspection data quality.
The experience gained in our own product development is now available for you, our partners and customers.
With many advanced tools available at our modern facilities, our team can fully support you in your NDT projects, from a collaborative mode with your team to complete design if necessary.

Our physics and signal processing specialists, electronic, software, and application engineers, with experience in different industries, are looking forward to the new challenges you will bring to them.
For us, it is critical you can talk with them, so they will be available to listen to you.

Collaborative spirit

Experienced People

The right tools

One goal: Take you to the top