If you are an audiophile, you expect high quality speakers just as you do with your stereo system or amplifier so you can listen to your music in high quality. This is similarly applicable to ultrasonic testing. TPAC can support you with a large range of Phased Array probes, in various configuration to match your needs and deliver you the high quality you expect and deserve!

Linear Array Probes

Linear array Probes from 16 to 256 elements are available in various configurations to ensure an optimum solution for your inspection needs.

Matrix Array Probes

For those with complex inspection requirements, we can support you with precisely manufactured matrix array probes up to 1024 elements in virtually any arrangement.

Flexible Wedge Solution

Our unique design of flexible wedges for phased array probes allow you to inspect components with complex shapes or uneven surfaces with optimum results.

Custom probes

Contact us to discuss your specific needs for a custom probe. We are expertly talented to design any probe and supply it in accordance with according to the most demanding technical or environmental requirements.