battery kit

Battery Kit

TPAC has designed a battery kit specific to the Explorer. You can now take our best-in-class system wherever it needs to go to perform your ultrasonic inspection without worrying about external power availability. It provides you with complete autonomy and its well-conceived ergonomics make your field inspections easy.

Key features and benefits

Up to 12 hours of battery life
Ergonomic design with handle and strap
Rugged design
Flight compliant version available with K1 battery
Toolless assembly


K1 Battery model versionK2 Battery Model version
Dimensions267 x 210 x 107 mm10.5×8.3×4.2 in (6 liters)267 x 210 x 107 mm10.5×8.3×4.2 in (6 liters)
Weight included Explorer3.8 Kg4.2 Kg
Weight without Explorer2.4 Kg2.8 Kg
Battery capacity25000mAh/92.5Wh50000mAh/185Wh
Charging time3-4 hours6-8 hours
Working temperature0°C – 45°C0°C – 45°C
Storage temperature-10°C – 40°C-10°C – 40°C
Flight regulation compliant267 x 210 x 107 mm10.5×8.3×4.2 in (6 liters)No