Our comprehensive accessories range ensure you a smooth deployment of your application or inspection tools positively impacting and improving your inspection process.


If you are an audiophile, you expect high quality speakers just as you do with your stereo system or amplifier so you can listen to your music in high quality. This is similarly applicable to ultrasonic testing. TPAC can support you with a large range of Phased Array probes, in various configuration to match your needs and deliver you the high quality you expect and deserve!
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Adaptors and Connectors

TPAC offers a wide range of adaptors and connectors in standard or customized products to help you in designing the ideal setup for your inspection.
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Inputs & Outputs Management

To manage input and output signals interfacing with TPAC devices, we have designed several solutions (for encoders, Trig Set, Synchronization, single ended, differentials, …).
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Low Noise Pre-amplifier

The Preamplifier is a high-performance accessory for the low-noise amplification of ultrasonic signals. Designed for signals ranging from 0.5 to 300 MHz, TPAC’s small and lightweight, yet rugged, unit is ideal for TOFD, P&C, TT, or AUT inspection.
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Battery Kit

TPAC has designed a battery kit specific to the Explorer. You can now take our best-in-class system wherever it needs to go to perform your ultrasonic inspection without worrying about external power availability. It provides you with complete autonomy and its well-conceived ergonomics make your field inspections easy.
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