Explorer VR

Explorer VR 64/128

Phased Array & Advanced FMC/TFM

The Explorer line offers the most advanced, compact, rugged ultrasonic device on the market.

IP 68 Rated for tough environments!

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The Explorer line is a comprehensive Standard PA, Advanced PA and/or Advanced TFM solution that meets the requirements of your most demanding needs. The solution allows:

  • Easy Integration: compact form factor, IP68, easy mounting

  • Extensive Hardware Possibilities: flexible, powerful and scalable acquisition units

  • Extensive Software Possibilities: in terms of Advanced Phased Array and Advanced TFM and Analysis

Explorer IP68 with 1 connector Various Technique Applications:

  • Phased Array: Linear, Sectorial, Parallel, DDF or Zone Focusing

  • Acquisition: all A-scans or only Amplitude/ToF in the Gate

  • Full TFM techniques such as PWI for Fast Acquisition

  • Mixed Mode APWI and PWI available to speed up your acquisition on complex shapes

  • Adaptive technique on complex shapes

Key Features

Small form factor, easy integration, Up to 100m between the unit & the PC

High Data Throughput:   From 100 MB/s to 200 MB/s
High Bandwidth:50 kHz to 20 MHz
Gain Range Dynamic:  16~110 dB
High PRF: 20 kHz (30 kHz optional)
Digitizer: 14 bits
I/O:   2 Encoders/Pulse Trig/Sequence Trig/ …
Probe:     Linear, Matrix, DLA, DMA, Annular, Daisy and Custom
Extensive TFM Techniques: SAFT, TFM, Advanced TFM (PWI, XWI, …), Adaptive and Multiple Modes (L or S) Click Here for More Information About TFM

Product Range




Wide Range of Market Applications:

  • Oil & Gas

  • Aerospace

  • Power Generation

For Developers

Open Platform Available for Developers (optional): Click Here for More Information

Our software team can develop for your specific application (Don’t hesitate to contact us)