You know your market, you cover a wide scope of demands, you provide an outstanding support: you need a solution provider cut from the same cloth

Experience our easy to deal with mindset

A deep knowledge of the market you are addressing is key to supplying the right NDT solution to any application.
TPAC offers a full ultrasonic NDT solutions and product line range. On top of that, we are champions in providing customization, adapting to your or your markets and customer’s particular needs and requests.
TPAC offers small form factor and high-performance solutions which are accompanied by a very experienced team who will support you fully.
In addition, we provide alternative techniques to achieve even increased inspection speeds, provide immunity from various noises (EMI, structure, surface condition) and manage complex geometries, as well as ensure the reliability and precision of the inspection.


TPAC combines high end expertise in the NDT field and agility of a relationship focused organization. This combination gives us an effortless understanding of your business model and expectation whether we talk about reactivity, flexibility, or support. We strive to maintain an “easy to deal with” culture and spirit as a daily mantra within our team.