Easy integration, leaving nothing to chance, differentiation factor, TPAC provides you all of these … and many more, to secure and improve your profitability.

Integrated for diversity

Weld lines, thin wall tubing, welded tubes, on-line control, off-line control, round bars, rails, spot welds, roll inspections and thousands more: this diversity in applications is driving you to engineer and integrate NDT systems to meet increasingly stringent customer specifications and requirements, and to support those systems and your clients long after the commissioning.
TPAC is perfectly tuned to this dynamic, providing customization to adapt to your particular needs and requests.
Small form factor, easy to integrate, all while delivering high performance are accompanied by a very experienced team who will support you fully.
In addition, we provide alternative techniques to achieve even increased inspection speeds, provide immunity from various noises (EMI, structure, surface) and manage complex geometries, as well as ensure the reliability and precision of the inspection.

easy integrator with robots

The steel industry manufactures plates, rails, slabs and bars, which are later shaped into end products. Among them tubes and pipes are used in many industries and must be capable of withstanding extreme pressure and temperatures. In order to ensure the safety of the construction, even minimal inaccuracies in the material must be detected during the tube and pipe production process. TPAC has a proven track record of providing reliable NDT solutions in heavy industry applications, high speed inspections, and low-level integration in production lines.