Field inspection companies

When you are in the field, your ultrasonic solution is the key to your sucess. That’s why we make no compromise between ease ofuse, compactness, reliability, and pe

Bring high end and best in class solutions on the field

Supplying highly-trained personnel to conduct NDT inspections on assets to ensure they are operating efficiently, and to detect damages before they lead to potentially more dangerous consequences works only if you provide the same level of NDT solutions.
TPAC offer means small form factor and high performance which are accompanied by a very experienced team who will support you.
TPAC offer means also capacity to provide customization to adapt to your particular needs and requests.
In addition, we provide alternative techniques to achieve even increased inspection speeds, provide immunity from various noises (EMI, structure, surface) and complex geometries, as well as ensure the reliability and precision of the inspection.

field inspection on the wind turbine

Whether you are looking for corrosion, erosion, cracking, fatigue cracks, flaws or leaks, it’s all about asset protection and asset management. Enhancing the value of your client’s assets, you need for yourself a reliable inspection solution provider. At TPAC, our business philosophy and ethics are long term driven and put the success of your projects above all.