ARIA: Advanced FMC/TFM Software


ARIA is an extensive software platform originally developed by TPAC for R&D, academia, and laboratory environments. However, all users have benefited from ARIA regardless of its deployment.

Dedicated to Ultrasonic imagery, ARIA offers a complete and powerful software suite to explore all the standard FMC reconstruction technologies such as SAFT and TFM, or the faster, more advanced imaging techniques such as PWI, CWI, DWI, XWI and Adaptive.

All UT probe configurations, including customs, are managed within, as well as flat, curved, and complex component geometries.

Access to an extensive suite of imaging techniques using a comprehensive, user friendly configuration panel.
With ARIA, the data processing is complex, using it doesn’t need to be. Click Image to Expand


Complete with setup, acquisition, and analysis modules, ARIA allows the user to employ most any scanning device, acquire and analyze results while using the most advanced image reconstruction technology available.  Enjoy a sensible user-friendly interface, which is also a capable and powerful tool.  ARIA allows you to manipulate, fine tune, and achieve your desired results.

The user will appreciate the ability to easily manipulate, fine tune, and successfully achieve the desired results.
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Apply extensive post-processing treatment to analyze and manage your results. Click Image to Expand


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Video: Adaptive TFM Demonstration with ARIA Software

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