TFM image


Thanks to new generations of acquisition plateforms, research on beamforming is becoming more and more popular.

Take the best from your data

TPAC’s solutions are perfect for research on beamforming techniques such as the state of the art total focusing method (TFM). You will be able to record raw signals from your experiments and post-process them in your favorite development environment (Matlab, Python, Labview, C++, C#, CUDA, etc…). The high data throughput of TPAC instruments allows you to comfortably work on various and demanding acquisitions schemes with demanding.

tfm mesure

Data acquisition based on full matrix capture (FMC) takes advantages of all elementary responses of an ultrasonic array. Several aspects of image reconstruction can be approached such as surface adaptive imaging, multi-modes, parallel computing, etc.

Acquisition based off fully parallel Tx/Rx sequences such as plane wave imaging (PWI) are becoming popular and are also of great interest for beamforming research . Delay laws and compounding can be freely defined with TPAC’s solutions for research.

apwi mesure

Exlpore the frontier of advanced research acquisitions schemes with TPAC solutions,fully open allowing you to access any parameters. Many configurations are possible, such as firing with any element distribution, using sparse arrays, or using sections of an array.