Metal welds

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Weld quality is a foundation of industrial safety, trust in TPAC

An unparalleled toolkit for any weld inspection

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Ultrasonic testing of welds is one of the most common applications encountered by inspectors. TPAC is proud to offer you a broad and advanced selection of ultrasonic acquisition tools to successfully inspect even the most challenging welds. The TPAC Explorer, available in configurations from 16/64 to 128/128 and 64/256, provides all of the firepower and range you need to address any weldment, from 0.25”T carbon steel to 2”T or more welded austenite…even CASS (Cast Austenitic Stainless Steel). You will also have the option to inspect with PAUT or FMC/TFM, or even more advanced approaches like PWI (Plane Wave Imaging) …and beyond. Virtually any array configuration is supported; linear, dual linear, dual matrix, or even custom configurations that our software allows you to easily model.

You will enjoy the efficiency and robustness of TPAC’s ready-made inspection software, which also provides the ability to interface with advanced analysis platforms like CIVA or ULTIS. Is your application a bit “out of the box”? … perfect! In that case we have our own Rapid Application Development platform (RAD) that allows us to deliver you an inspection software just right for what you need, with no unnecessary tools or menus. In short, trust in TPAC for any of your weld applications.