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Reliable detection and characterization

Clear imaging of critical defects

screen Cracks mesure

Crack detection and characterization is one of the fundamental tasks that ultrasonic testing is utilized for. It is not enough to just find the defect, but it must be accurately sized as well! TPAC offers many options for crack imaging. Not only do we offer the industry standard PAUT approach, but also more advanced techniques such as FMC/TFM, PWI and many more. These approaches offer the ability to perform ultra-high-resolution imaging and sizing of cracks in virtually any material type. With TPAC you can have access to all of these inspection tools, plus even more, in the same compact and rugged system.

TPAC leads the NDT industry in the development of cutting-edge Ultrasonic Testing inspection techniques. Whether multi-channel conventional, phased array, or FMC/TFM and many more, TPAC has the technology you can trust.