The Phased Array Company has over 25 years of experience in providing customized NDT services to a diverse set of verticals and markets:



  • High qualification level
  • High level simulation software
  • Operated globally
  • Fast, personal response time
  • Vast NDT application experience across multiple industries, including:
    • Oil & Gas
    • Power Generation
    • Aircraft
    • Metallurgy
    • Railway

Management and Consulting

  • Oversight of international projects as well as official state-funded projects
  • Superior knowledge of financial and management systems
  • Team organization, technical and marketing plan development
  • Engineering evaluation and recruiting. (Creating R&D Teams)
  • Cost reduction while creating innovative and highly dynamic business environment


  • Experts in applying ultrasound instrumentation, including FMC/TFM, Phased Array and Conventional UT
  • Software architecture and application specific software needs
  • Physics of ultrasound
  • Comprehensive knowledge of specific NDT Technologies and Markets
  • Experience in Power Generation (including Nuclear), Aerospace, Oil and Gas and Metallurgy, etc.

Industry Leadership

  • More than 1,000 custom Phased Array designs delivered and counting
  • Contributed several chapters to the Olympus book, “Advances in Phased Array Ultrasonic Technology Applications”
  • Member of the working group for ISO Phased Array standardization
  • Consultation for EPRI, KEPRI and other organizations
    • Long time Phased Array consultant for Krautkramer
  • Our team is continuously called upon to provide our expertise for:
    • Academic publications
    • Conferences
    • Chairs
    • Consulting